Spikes for Clothing, Crafting, and Punk Rock Jewelry Designs; 5 Yards Flatback Cone Stud Wrap; by Mandala Crafts

Color: Gold
Sale price$19.99 USD


Are you looking for some spikes to enhance your costume design? Do you feel individual metal spike studs are heavy and hard to install? This roll of acrylic spike ribbon with grid backing from acrylic could be the perfect replacement. The spike strip looks the same as metal studs but is much more lightweight. The tips of the spikes are flattened to prevent scratching. The grid backing is made from multiple strings of fiber. It is easy to sew or apply adhesive such as glue or double-sided tape. The flexible and tangle-free wrap can be cut into any shape with regular scissors in terms of length or width.

For cosplay costumes or heavy metal clothes making, a patch of this spike wrap will decorate the design. The bendable and pliable spike ribbon can transform a simple article into a dazzling masterpiece. It will instantly add flair to boots, outfits, shoes, belts, wallets, purses, or Halloween masks. The wrap is also perfect for punk rock jewelry design such as bracelets or chokers.

  • Spike trim made from acrylic; Mesh grid backing; Flat-backed; Non-stretchy; Glamorous, durable, and flexible; Lead-free and waterproof; Indoor and outdoor; Lightweight; Rust and tarnish-free;
  • Spikes for clothing, jewelry making, decoration, and crafting; Great for decorating shoes, boots, belts, cosplay goth costumes, wallets, masks, headpieces, or purses;
  • Malleable and customizable; Easy to sew with thread, or attach with glue on multiple material such as china, glass, wood, rubber, fabric, ribbon, leather, or metal;
  • Bulk packaging; Bead size: 0.25 (W) x 0.15 (H) inches; Roll width: 3.75 inches; Length: 5 yards; Consistent and continuous; Easy to cut and customize;

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