Long Stainless Steel Aquascape Tool Kit for Saltwater Freshwater Aquarium Plant Trimming, Fish Tanks, Terrariums

Size: 3-in-1 Combo Straight Scissors Bent Tweezers
Sale price$14.99 USD


If you want to have a pleasant time while making aquarium scenery without sticking your hand all the way in the water, this set of convenient aqua scaping accessories will change the aquatic landscaping norm. Made from thick gauge stainless steel with meticulously designed length, this set is good for hobbyists, aquaculture enthusiasts, and professional aquarists. They are sturdy, tight, precise, and align perfectly with each other. For tanks with tiny openings, this tool set is a necessity. It will greatly reduce tank disturbances. Nearly 1 foot long, it works wonders for aquatic pruning, rearranging, maintenance, cleaning, trimming, grooming, planting, or feeding in an aquarium with accuracy and without unnecessarily dropping the water level or getting soaked.

The well-constructed scissors are sharp and cut precisely with easy to open and close mechanism. Straight shears are ideal for precision straight cuts and curved or angled forceps will get in hard-to-reach places and mow down foreground plants effortlessly. It can clip plants, grass, or bonsai trees without chewing them up because of its excellent flexibility. The applications are so versatile that it can be also a great tool to trim succulent plants. The straight and curved tweezers with great push back can securely grasp leaves, algae, detritus, dead bugs, or snails during maintenance and setup or plant stem plants with comfort and ease. These forceps are perfect for planting, replanting, or re-situating narrow or small plants beneath the soil or moving and trimming plants without disturbing nearby decor. They also make handy feeding tongs for reptiles such as snakes. The spatula will create smooth slopes and terraces to shape or reshape the substrate.

About this item

  • Stainless steel long aquarium tools kit; Rust & oxidation resistant aquarium accessories; Aquarium cleaning tools with comfortable grip; Freshwater & saltwater aquascape kit; Easy to clean aquarium utensils; Durable stainless steel aquascaping tools set
  • Aquarium plant tools to prune and trim hospital tank & goldfish bowl aquatic plants; Long fish tank tongs and aquarium spatula to scrape algae & aquarium moss and shape substrate, aquarium soil & gravel; Long aquarium scissors with precise cut
  • Terrarium tweezers for accurate feeding; Terrarium scissors for indoor gardens, snake reptile cultivators, bonsai, & succulent plants; Freshwater & saltwater aquarium tweezers to remove debris and furnish or reposition aquarium landscape
  • Aquascapes aquarium supplies with minimum disturbance; Extra long aquatic scissors and aquarium tongs negate the need to soak entire arm in water; Aquarium plant scissors and long tweezers for aquarium prevent accidental injuries

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