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The Best Wire for Sculpture Enlivens Multimedia Creations Art News

“Mandala Crafts’ wire not only is available in a wide array of jaw-droppingly beautiful colors, but is also is sturdy and versatile. The wire is made from anodized aluminum, bearing a protective oxide coating created by an electrochemical process. Colors become part of the wire and won’t chip off; anodizing also adds strength and makes the wire appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Available in 100-foot spools in a range of gauges from 12 to 22, the wire is flexible and bends with hands or pliers. Shiny, colorful, and versatile, it is great for wire sculpture, jewelry, weaving, and armatures. In fact, it looks so great, you may want to integrate it into the final aesthetic of your artwork.”

Create Homemade Accessories with the Best Elastic String for Jewelry Making- Art News

“Mandala’s round, 1-millimeter cord is made from braided rubber wrapped in a nylon-polyester fabric. It comes on a generous, 327-foot spool and is available in 18 different colors to match any project. While this cord has less snap-back than some of the other options listed here, it is a soft and flexible cording that will offer a gentle amount of tension.”

9 Cute and Stylish Face Masks We’re Keeping in Rotation This Summer- Glamour

“I’m a seamstress sometimes, so I jumped at the chance to make my own mask back in March. I used the directions from the folks at The Fabric Patch in Ephrata, Washington, who coordinated and inspired the production of 167,000 masks for health care workers and health care offices. An engineer made this set of many-size patterns, which I’ve used for everyone in my family. Owner Cindi Rang has several great videos as well as lists of recommended materials. She suggested a nonwoven interfacing for the lining, which means I don’t have to change the filter, because it’s built in. I tried to blow out a match and couldn’t. No germs are getting out of there! Iron-on Pellon works great since it will keep the inner lining stiff enough to not suck up against your mouth. You can also buy nose wires and thin elastic for the ear loops. —Talley Sue Hohlfeld, copy director”

Where to buy material to make homemade masks- USA Today

“Where to get the materials to make a mask… To make your own mask at home, you're going to need quilting fabric, elastic, a sewing kit/sewing machine or fabric glue, depending on the route you choose for crafting. While supplies may be limited for these items, we rounded up all the retailers where you can still order these materials from.” Get the Mandala Crafts Flat Elastic Band

15 DIY Unicorn Costumes You Can Make At Home for the Most Magical Halloween Ever- Good Housekeeping

“Use Mandala Crafts flat elastic cord to make unicorn costumes for kids and teens alike.”