Plastic Shrink Wrap Bags for Soaps Shoes Gift Baskets – Clear Heat Shrink Wrap Bags for Bath Bombs CD Books Candles Heat Shrink Packaging by Mandala Crafts


Size: 6 X 6 Inches
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Have you wondered what kind of gadgets soap sellers use to give their merchandise such a professional look? Have you ever accidently opened a plastic wrapped gift you meant to give to someone else? This pack of assorted heat shrinkable wrap pouches is the answer. Compared to polyolefin or cellophane shrink bags, PVC ones are easier to use and do not require a professional heat gun. They will instantly improve the presentation of the merchandise or gift. The bags also increase puncture resistance and prevent dents, nicks, and damage to products.

The flat bags have slight blueish color but after heat shrinking, they are completely clear and will not add any unwanted hue on the items being bagged. The bags require low heat temperatures around 180 to 220 Fahrenheit for shrinking. They conform nicely when being heated and yield a professional look. The variety of the size options make it fit for different sizes and shapes such cubic, rectangular, round, cylindrical, or odd shapes. For handmade products such as soap and essential oils where fragrance plays an important role in the sale of that item, the top of the sleeve can always leave a small opening so that customers can smell it. The extra-large ones even fit gift baskets with vertical handles. You will never need to scratch your head to figure out how to wrap an Easter basket anymore.

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