Nylon Zippers for Sewing, Bulk Zipper Supplies; by Mandala Crafts

Color: 20 Assorted Colors
Size: 4 Inches
Sale price$11.99 USD


This lot of colorful zippers is cost effective price and hard to find in a craft store. For boutique owners, tailors, occasional crafters, or sewing professionals, it is handy to keep this zipper kit around. This set of mixed zippers has great variety and functionality, and is easy to install. Each zips fluently and free of catching or snagging. The array of vibrant colors makes it easy to match different materials such as fabric, leather, or even plastic.

The mini or short zippers are great for making pencil cases, cosmetic bags, change purses, USB stick holders, rosary pouches, wristlets, totes, wallets, or pillowcases. The vivid colors will add style to pants, fashion dress, jeans, skirts, or costumes. For crafty people, the zippers are also good for creating pet clothing or doll dresses. The longer zippers are perfect for cushions, jackets, or upholstery. The bulk quantity packs should last for several crafting projects such as sewing or needlework. For businesses, these zippers are uniform and consistent and will add a professional touch to your designs.

- Nylon zippers for sewing with alloy metal slider pulls; Lead-free, Non-separating close end colored zippers; All-purpose; Durable and lightweight; Easy to sew zippers by hand or sewing machine; Colorfast and bleeding free.

- Coil zippers for sewing and crafting; Great fabric zippers for pants, costumes, dresses, handbags, purses, pouches, or cushions.

- Bulk zippers with 20 assorted colors; Colors: Yellow, white, royal blue, red, orange, olive green, navy blue, green, brown, beige, gray, black, lime green, purple, hot pink, cream, teal, pink, maroon, and dark pink.

- Zippers for sewing with consistent color and quality; Teeth width: 4.1mm; Size 3; Overall width: 1 in

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