Mudra Crafts Tibetan Tealight Vanaspati Ghee Butter Lamp Candle Set (Transparent Holder)


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If you have been to Tibet or Nepal, you might be amazed by the ghee lamps in temples and shrines. They do not generate any smoke or put off a strong smell. In religious practices, Tibetans and Hindus light ghee lamps, or Diya, to purify their homes, chant prayers, worship divines, or decorate altars. The light symbolizes enlightenment and defeats darkness, fear, and ignorance. It brings prosperity and wealth.

These candles burn clean, remit a natural ghee scent, and create a peaceful ambience. The tea lights burn around 3 to 4 hours with mellow and warm glow. These hard to find altar décor supplies can also be used as also bohemian candles for Yoga and meditation practice. For those who are allergic to soy candles, these ghee lights with their holistic vegan touch are the perfect substitutes. Without any added scent, the candles are great for essential oil burners because they are scentless and will not disturb the scent of the essential oil. The tealights can also be used as floating candles on lotus.

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