Oil Burner, Candle Warmer, Buddha Decor for Scented Wax, Fragrance Melt, Essential Oil


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Have you ever noticed that most electronic diffusers only last a few months? Or that, no matter how fancy the functions are, it is missing the ritual feeling you get from traditional oil burners using tealight candles. This unique designed oil burner will bring the good old days back. It is not only a functional and long-lasting burner, but also a great bohemian ornament bringing tranquility and inner peace. No matter whether it is for your home, office, shop, or yoga and meditation room, this unique oil burner will immediately add the Zen flare and coordinate nicely with other decor.

Compared to ceramic burners, this cute porcelain warmer is hardier and more durable. The burner is meticulously designed and manufactured without glazing glitches. The holes on the lid can effectively prevent dust, diffuse scent, and negate the need to remove the lid while burning candles. The holes on the Buddha head can avoid overheating and allow the candlelight to go through. The size and depth of the oil holder are just right and it will be able to easily hold a wax cube or several teaspoons of essential oil. With the soothing aroma and flickering candlelight, this cool fragrance heater will let you enjoy many cozy nights with serenity.

  • Wax warmer made from porcelain; Non-electric tea light warmer; Bohemian and Zen style Buddha home décor; Open top and lid with holes to prevent overheating and provide efficient fragrance diffusing; Easy to clean; Exquisite workmanship and premium quality;
  • Great aromatherapy burner for burning essential oil, candle melts, scented wax, tarts, or cone incense; Unique ornament for homes, offices, shops, spas, massage tables; and yoga or meditation rooms;
  • Size: 5.5 (H) X 4 X 4 Inches; Tealight compartment opening: 2 X 1.75 inches; Oil holder bowl size: 2.5(W) X 1 (H) inches; Coordinates well with other decor;
  • IMPORTANT: If the burners break in shipping, please contact us. The replacement will be shipped immediately.
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