Mudra Crafts Mens Tiger Eye Bracelet - Unisex Natural Tigers Eye Crystal Stone Bead Bracelet for Women

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Are you looking for an impressionable semi-precious stone bracelet to enhance your bohemian look? This classy and fashionable tiger eye beads bracelet is exactly what you need! With robust elastic cording, this yellow tiger eye bracelet with substantial weight is super easy to put on and will not slip off. This trendy tiger eye crystal bracelet has a timeless look and is built to last. The handcrafted beaded tiger eye wristband fits any age or gender and is comfortable for day-to-day wear. The polished tigers eye crystal bracelet with shiny luster can be worn as a striking standalone piece or a layered bracelet with other wristbands or watchbands. Tiger eye is anecdotally believed to be soothing and calming, bring prosperity, help to balance emotional wellbeing, connect both the root and sacral chakra, and promote mindfulness and confidence. The stylish handmade tiger eye stone bracelet with spiritual meaning is truly one-of-a-kind. Adding a bohemian touch and cool twist, this elegant gold tiger eye bracelet with a minimalist look is an eye-catching piece to complete a hippie or eclectic look. This appealing true tigers eye bracelet is an attractive piece of hippy jewelry to display your free spirit. The unique eye of the tiger bracelet complements any outfit for festivals, yoga, meditation, concerts, celebrations, trekking, surfing, or holidays. Packing a one-two punch for fashion and sustainability, this simple tiger eye beaded bracelet is designed for frequent wear without the need to be wary or careful. The classy tiger eye bracelet set is also a great gift for free-spirited friends. This tiger eye protection bracelet will serve as a reminder to harness inner stability and courage. This tigers eye bracelet set adds a cultural accent and is a must-have item for any bohemian wardrobe.

  • Tiger eye stone jewelry bracelet made from authentic natural tiger eye beads and strong elastic string; Durable and sturdy tiger's eye bracelet; Handmade adjustable tigers eye crystal bracelet with a polished surface for comfortable wear
  • Unisex tigers eye bracelet for guys, women, kids, and teens; Healing bracelet, protection bracelet, or anxiety bracelet is anecdotally believed to bring good luck, balance chakras, and enhance energy and mindfulness
  • Protection stone bracelet for gifting, stocking stuffers, or goodie bag favors; Real tiger eye crystal bracelet for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, graduation, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day; Women & men tiger eye bracelet for daily wear
  • Tiger eye gemstone bracelet for all ages; Tiger eye stone bracelet is easy to put on and take off; Tiger eyes bracelet easily matches any outfit; Stackable tiger eye bead bracelet can be layered; One-size-fits-most protection crystal bracelet
  • Gift-ready stretch natural tiger eye bracelet with black velvet drawstring pouch; Tiger eye bead size: 14mm

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