Mudra Crafts Healing Medicine Buddha Statue for Home Decor - Medicine Statue for Altar Buddhist Decor - Brass Tibetan Small Buddha Statue for Meditation Decor

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Do you feel Buddha statues made from resin are too light and do not feel substantial enough? Have you been impressed by the workmanship of the Buddhist items from the Himalayan region? This Buddah small statue is the answer. Handmade in the Himalayas, this table buddha statue with exquisite detailing stands out. Unlike common Buddha figurines in a tourist store, this handmade Tibet Buddha statue is one of a kind and completely different from mass-produced Buddha sculptures. This protection Buddha statue in a lotus sitting position with a flat bottom is very stable. The meditating buddha statue with soothing colors is heavy enough for its size and will not tip over easily. A symbol of peace, positivity, and compassion, this healing buddha statue with timeless beauty and elegant detail spreads tranquility and enlightenment wherever it is displayed. The enchanting desk Buddha statue is more than its physical properties but serves as a reminder to live in the present, slow down, resonate love, and be peaceful and mindful. This Buddha figurine is the perfect Buddha altar statue to set up a shrine or reiki altar. As an exotic Buddha decor statue, the serenely beautiful decorations Buddha will instantly create a tranquil atmosphere and positive vibe. The brass buddha statue is the perfect decor to set up a Zen cubicle in your office and it's also a great conversation starter. For meditation and yoga room decorations, the Buddha home decor statue with its calming influence helps you concentrate and achieve inner peace. This Tibetan statue can be used indoors or outdoors to add an Asian or Tibetan touch to any Zen space, garden, home, or shop. This Buddha meditation statue is also a wonderful gift for friends and family.

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