Mudra Crafts Desktop PC Computer Building Case 6-32 Repair Mounting Thumb Screw Assortment Kit, 100 PCs

Color: Silver Chrome
Sale price$9.99 USD


These wholesale Mudra Crafts thumb screws are comfortable and easy to use. With the precise length, thread, and girth, this collection of hard-to-find bolts should be almost universal and can be used for computer hardware and peripheral installation such as case covers, power supplies, PCI slots, motherboards, or even hard drives for certain models.

The thumb turning knob design with the screwdriver slots on top make opening a computer case a breeze. It offers easy access to the internal parts of your computer. The sharp design makes it not only functional but also eye appealing for your computer or gaming rigs. You can finally handle the situation calmly when you receive equipment with missing or damaged screws or misplace or lose a screw during parts installation, assembly, or the repair process. Whether you are a PC building hobbyist or a professional tech, this set of replacement screw accessories is a necessity and the quantity should last for several projects.

Compatible Models & Disclaimer

Compatible with the following models, which are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Mudra Crafts’s use of these marks does not imply any affiliation with, association with or endorsement by these trademark holders.

IBM, HP, Corsair, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, LG, MSI, Samsung, and ASUS;

About this item

  • STURDY: Screws made from alloy steel; Resistant to stripping; Screwdriver slot on top; Nice weight; Great grip;
  • Size: 6 32 X 5 thumb screws; Thread length: 5mm;
  • Bulk Supplies: 100 PCs; Securely packed in a Mudra Crafts box;
  • Computer case, PCI slot, or motherboard mounting; Fits most desktop computers;

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