Mudra Crafts Buddhist Prayer Beads Tiger Eye Mala Beads 108 Necklace Bracelet - Tiger Eye Prayer Beads for Men Women - Tibetan Mala Beads for Yoga Meditation


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Are you looking for genuine tiger eye mala beads for chanting and meditating? Or a set of Buddha beads that?ll sanctify your mind, body, and spirit? This mala prayer beads 108 necklace is exactly what you need. Made from real tiger eye bead, this tiger eye mala necklace is designed to complement any outfit or occasion. With pliable soft stretchy string, the mala beads Tibetan necklace can be worn around your neck or wrist without causing irritation or discomfort. This tiger eye japa mala is easily adjusted and folded to your specific wrist size to create charming multi-layer designs. Connected to both the root and the sacral chakra, this soothing tiger eye japa mala has a glorious healing properties and benefits that help to balance physical and emotional wellbeing. Tibetan rosary prayer beads are also called japamala, japa beads, juzu beads, or worry beads. The word mala means garland in Sanskrit. In Catholicism, they are called rosary beads. Mala bead rosaries are commonly used by Tibetan, Hindu, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Buddhist monks, Zen priests, or nichirens. Thoughtfully crafted, each set of Buddhist prayer beads has 108 mala beads to represent the 108 volumes of the words of Buddha. Tibetan prayer bead malas are considered traditional tools for counting mantras, breaths, or prostrations, and for cultivating clarity, positivity, and contentment. For yoga and meditation practices, this set of Tibetan meditation beads help to concentrate the mind. As a fashion accessory, the elegant prayer bracelet beads layers and mixes well with other jewelry pieces. The sophisticated Buddhist rosary beads are practical and full of warm sentiment and also make a perfect bohemian gift for a loved one.

  • Tibet prayer beads made of natural tiger eye and strong string; Durable and sturdy; Handmade mala tiger eye prayer beads with nylon cord; Comfortable to wear mala necklace 108 beads; Fade-resistant mala 108 beads necklace
  • Mala prayer beads bracelet to wear as a multilayer mala bracelet, or anklet; Mala rosary beads for altar and home décor; Buddhist necklace for Buddhist manta chanting and offerings; 108 mala beads for meditation; Yoga mala beads for yoga
  • Tibetan Buddhist meditation 108 beads symbolize joy, peace, luck, and prosperity; Malas beads enhance focus, concentration and insight; Mala Buddhist beads are believed to balance auras, boost confidence, ward off illness, and shield against anxiety and depression
  • Unisex Zen mala beads for women and men at all ages; Portable mala bead bracelet; Easy-to-wear tigers eye mala necklace
  • Gift-ready tiger eye mala 108 with mala bag; 108 tiger eye prayer beads plus 3 sets of marker beads and 1 set of guru beads; Mala beads 8.5mm bead size; Length: 34 inches; Wraps up to 4X; Easy to put on and take off

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