Mandala Crafts 12 Water Soluble Pencils for Fabric Marking - Washable Fabric Pencil for Sewing - Quilting Embroidery Tailor Dressmaker Sewing Pencil for Fabric


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Are you tired of fabric chalk which does not even mark half the time and the other half of the time it just rubs off before you can even start to cut? Are you frustrated with fabric pencils where the slightest touch smears the lines? This box of water-soluble fabric pencils is the best alternative. No more messy hands full of chalk powder! No more fighting with your subpar marking pens! These pencils outperform their peers with superior quality. They draw more long lasting and precise lines than fabric chalk and come off much better than fabric markers.

This strong yet soft lead does not break easily and yields defined, visible, but erasable patterns, which will not come off with rubbing or heat exposure. With a dampened cloth or water, the lines are easily washable and disappear even on bright white fabric. The pencils are easy to sharpen manually or with an electronic sharpener. No matter what material, soft of hard, light or dark, these pencils will handle the markings like a pro. The markings easily adhere to fabric surfaces, even on stretchy material.

About this item

  • Washable fabric pencils for sewing with soft yet strong lead; Tailor pencil markings erasable with water, a brush or damp cloth; Quilt pencils write smoother than fabric chalk and crayons; Easy to hold tracing pencils for fabric; Sturdier than sewing chalk pencils
  • White water soluble pencil for sewing and embroidery; Washable quilting pencil for quilters; Embroidery transfer pencil for embroidery; Sewing pencils for fabric stitching & cross stich; Washable marking pencil for patchwork; Sewing markers for fabric patterns
  • Washout cloth marker for tailors; Dressmaking pencil for seamstresses; Dress maker pencil for border seam allowances; Fabric marking pencils for sewing denim, canvas, cotton, leather, wool, satin and silk; Water soluble marker pencil for crafting & beading
  • Easy to sharpen sewing washable marker; Embroidery pencil for fabric; Fabric marking pens for sewing will not distort stretchy fabric; Sewing mark pencil can be used with rulers and other marking tools; Water soluble fabric pencil for appliques
  • Bulk wholesale white sewing marking pencils; Water soluble fabric marker yields more precise sewing lines than tailors chalk pencils for sewing; Pack of 12 cloth markers for sewing; 6.5 Inches fabric sewing pencil; 8mm fabric washable pencil

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