Tinsel Garland - Tinsel Icicles Tinsel Fringe Garland - 20 in X 20 Ft Long Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Banner for Christmas Tree Xmas Holiday Party Decoration


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Do you miss the old fashioned tinsel for xmas tree decorations? Do mylar icicles without a connecting band at the top make a mess? This tinsel foil fringe garland is the answer. Made from mylar, this metallic tinsel fringe with outstanding luster and great length has the beauty and utility to decorate any item or spruce up any space. Unlike a tinsel tassel banner, the metallic foil tinsel fringe garland can be used as-is or trimmed to adorn other decorations. This fringe tinsel garland is workable, sturdy, and adequately strong for manipulating into different shapes, suspending from a multitude of objects, and laying nicely wherever and however. With an ample supply of strands to work with, you'll have enough short tinsel fringe to last multiple projects. From making a tinsel Christmas tree to decorating a nativity scene, this glittering foil tinsel banner will have you covered. As tinsel strands for tree, this elegant tinsel garland adds an old-fashion vintage touch that feels comforting and nostalgic. For craft projects, the tinsel streamer can be bunched into Easter baskets, placed inside clear globes, balloons, and ornaments, or used as goodie bag or present box stuffing. Not only is this tinsel banner fringe bright and radiant but it can be clumped in bunches, cut into tiny strands, or utilized in full. The uses of this old-fashioned tinsel garland are so versatile, it can even be used to make one-of-a-kind costume pieces. With shiny metallic tinsel banner this bold, bright, and reflective, adding an instant POP has never been easier!

About this item

- Tinsel banner made from quality mylar material; Durable and sturdy; Shiny tinsel streamer with vivid color and long soft strands; Lightweight and reusable; Tarnish, shred, and fade-resistant; Waterproof; Static and lead-free.

- Metallic foil fringe tinsel for weddings, graduations, festivals, or holidays such as Mardi Gras, Easter, Christmas, or New Years; Tinsel birthday banner for birthdays; Christmas tinsel for Christmas tree.

- Garland tinsel icicle strands for DIY crafting and home, office, or venue decorating; Shiny and shimmery fringe tinsel for gift box stuffing; Icicle tinsel strands for doors, walls, wreaths, windows, stairs, shelves, tables, fireplaces, or used as Christmas tree tinsel icicles.

- Icicles tinsel is easy to hang, cut, or glue; Tinsel icicle garland pairs well with star garlands, angel treetop, balloons, and confetti; Christmas tinsel garland pairs well with Christmas tree ice cycles and lights.

- Tinsel garland Christmas decorations in bulk wholesale pack; 3 tinsel garlands per set; About 500 strands of tinsel per garland; Total: 1500 strands; Length of each tinsel garland fringe strand: 50CM or 20 inches; Length of the foil tinsel fringe garland: 200CM or 6.6 feet; Total length: 20 feet.

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