Mandala Crafts Tiger-Tail Beading Wire for Jewelry Making – 7 Strand Bead Stringing Wire for Jewelry Making DIY Crafting


Size: 7 Strands 18 Gauge 1MM 32FT
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Are you looking for a sturdy but flexible jewelry wire? Have you ever wondered about how professional jewelers are able to create their bead strands with a fluid look? This spool of wire could be the answer. Made from stainless steel strands, this round wire has great tensile strength and superior flexibility. The surface has a clear nylon coating which will prevent it from scratching delicate beads and jewelry parts.

For beading projects, the wire easily goes through unevenly drilled holes and will not fray with sharp-edged beads. It can string lights or heavy beads such as natural stone, metal, pearl, crystal, shell, glass, porcelain, or seed beads. For jewelry making, this supple wire renders delicate and long-lasting jewelry designs. With the nylon coating, the wire bends nicely and glides through bead holes and knots without catching. It can make jewelry such as slim or chunky chokers, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rosary prayer beads, malas, waist beads, anklets or illusion style jewelry with a smooth and strong curve.

For crafters, this waterproof and rust resistant wire is a necessity to make wind chimes, sun catchers, or even some knitting projects. It can also be used in crafting, hanging art and pictures, or DIY projects such as creating beaded lanyards, handicrafts, garden decors, or even sewing up mesh baskets.

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