Mandala Crafts Tibetan Singing Bowl Set - Nepal Sound Bowl for Healing - Meditation Bowl Tibetan Sing Bowl for Mindfulness Yoga Meditation Decor

Color: Black
Size: 4 Inches
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Are you having a hard time finding a yoga gift for a bohemian friend? Do you want to cleanse your home of negative energy but don'’t like the scent of sage? This Nepalese singing bowl is the answer. Also called a reiki bowl, cleansing bowl, healing bowl, mindfulness bowl, rin gong, Buddhist meditation bowl, zen bell, Himalayan bowl, or yoga bowl, a metal singing bowl is traditionally made from seven metals. Authentic Tibetan singing bowls are mostly crafted in Nepal and used worldwide by Tibetan, Indian, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, and Zen Buddhist monks. A small singing bowl generally makes a higher note and a large singing bowl makes a lower tone. This Nepal singing bowl fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to play even by beginners. By tapping the bowl or rubbing the wood striker around the bowl edge, everyone from kids to adults will be able to use it to make a rich mindfulness chime sound and shifts the energies around. This meditation chime bowl assists mediation or Buddhist mantra chanting by helping the mind concentrate. Used in a class as a meditation sound bowl, a practitioner can use the singing bowl sound to mark the beginning and end of each session. The handmade Tibetan singing bowl is also a necessity for yoga practice. No matter whether it is being used as yoga chimes or yoga decorations for home, these metal singing bowls will not let you down. For those who practice sound healing, massage, or spiritual cleansing, these sound healing bowls help to create a serene environment and add a peaceful vibe. The Tibetan meditation bowl is also a great decoration for home, altar, zen garden, and office. The uses of the Tibetan meditation singing bowl are so versatile that they can also be used as unique instruments for music performances, offering bowls, or incense burners.

About this item

  • Tibet singing bowls made from brass-based seven metal alloy; Handcrafted in the Himalayan region of Nepal; Sturdy, durable and lead-free; Portable and easy to play
  • Meditation bowls for meditation and chanting; Meditation accessories for altar, home, office, and meditation room decor; Reiki gifts and metal singing bowls meditation gifts for women and men
  • Tibetan singing bowl to reduce negative energy; Sound healing instruments for mental, emotional, physical and chakra healing; Sound bowls for yoga decor; Tibetan singing bowls for kids and adults
  • Tibetan bowl set with strong tone and reverberation to create harmonic environment and promote a relaxed state of mind
  • Meditation bowl with singing bowl mallet included; Width: 4 Inches; Height 2 In; Weight: about 1.15 pounds; Mallet: 5 inches

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