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Do you feel it is really tedious set up and clean an electronic lemon lime juicer? Did your plastic lime press give up after several uses? This stainless-steel lemon squeezer hand press is the answer. No more tedious automatic juicer set up and cleaning. This lime juicer hand press is extremely conveniently if you only need small amount of juice. With the simple two-piece design and sturdy construction, this lemon squeezer manual press is comfortable to hold. The lime squeezer stainless steel handles relieve hands from the strain of squeezing fruits, and even those with small hands, arthritis, or carpel tunnel can use the manual citrus juicer without struggle. The lemon press handheld juicer works great with lemons, key limes, and small oranges and the small holes keep pulp and seeds from passing through. Unlike a plastic citrus press juicer with tiny holes which are easy to get clogged, this lemon and lime squeezer with larger holes gets the job done efficiently without the constant cleaning in-between. The lime press squeezer is definitely a keeper for home cooking, bartenders, and professional restaurant kitchens. The lemon juicer manual press takes up much less space and is easier to clean than bulky electric ones. After every use, drop the metal lemon squeezer in the dishwasher. In the morning, use this orange juice squeezer manual to make a cup of juice. Whether you need cups of juice or just a dash of lemon to brighten a salad, this lemon juice squeezer is an essential tool for any kitchen.

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