Mandala Crafts Soft Elastic Cord from Spandex Nylon Fabric for Jewelry Making, Sewing, and Crafting


Color: Assorted Colors
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Do you wish there was a textile combining the features of nylon and cotton? How great would it be if there was a cord that was soft to the touch like nylon and highly absorbent like cotton? This roll of elastic cord made from Lycra material offers the best of the both worlds. The cord is made from a strap of spandex material sewn together. The inside of the cord is hollow and it makes the cord super soft and malleable.

The vivid color and sleek appearance will dress up your DIY projects instantly. It is perfect to create ponytail holders or hair ties. It will not pull hair and the right amount elasticity will also prevent ponytail headaches. For making garments, this cord lays flat and is great for replacing elastic string in sweat pants or bikinis. This cord is so versatile that it can be even used to make cat toys.

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