Mandala Crafts Soap Beveler Edge Trimming Tool - Wood Soap Planer Beveler Soap Shaving Tool - Candle Beveler for Handmade Soap Candle Making Beveling


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Have you ever wondered what soap making tools the professional soap makers use to make trimmed edges? This wood soaps beveler planer is the answer. With robust construction, the well-constructed soap planner makes soap shaving a breeze and yields a smooth and professional finish. The blade can be easily adjusted to desired fitted depth and will securely stay in place. Unlike traditional peelers or soap cutters that leave uneven cuts, this reliable soap beveler eliminates unwanted blemishes and evenly configures any imperfectly shaped bar into a perfect gemlike final product.
The uses of the beveler planer is as simple as placing the soap bar into the groove, sliding through to trim off the edge and eliminate thin layers. This soap planer not only creates a smooth planed surface but also helps to lower product waste. The soap shaving tool is a necessity for all handmade soap makers. Whether for ready-made, transparent, glycerin, or processed soaps, this soap planer beveler will ensure uniformly smooth corners and produce even shaves. The uses of this soap shaver are so versatile it can also be used to reshape candles. A wonderful gifting choice for soap and candle makers, this soap and candle beveler will make it easy to achieve great craftsmanship!

About this item

  • Soap planer made of unfinished hardwood and stainless-steel blade; Durable and sturdy; Adjustable beveler planer with sharp blade to fit most soap bars; Compact and lightweight; Corrosion, tarnish, and rust-resistant
  • Soap planer beveler for DIY crafting, soap making, and candle making; Planer cutter for trimming, beveling, shaving, cutting or removing soda ash and rough edges on soaps or candles
  • Soap beveler tool for variety of bar soaps such as cold or hot processed and melt and poured soaps; Soap beveler planer for home or business use
  • Soap beveller with adjustable blade using screwdriver; Soap trimmer tool suitable for right or left-handed users
  • 1 wood soap shaver; Size: 19.5 CM X 11.5CM X 5CM; Easy-to-use soap trimming tool; Easy-to-clean soap shaver

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