Mandala Crafts Security Camera Decal 24-Hour Video Surveillance Recording Warning Rectangular Front Adhesive Window Stickers for Indoors or Outdoors

Color: Red
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Every 15 seconds, a break-in occurs. Is your home or business protected? Studies show robbers prefer easy targets and would rather go for a property without a security system. Whether or not you have real or dummy surveillance cameras installed, it is always important to make burglars and vandals believe they are monitored to ward off would-be thieves.

Experts suggest not to use the free signs from the security system companies, which are actually tipping off the pro cons, who can deactivate the system in a few minutes after knowing the system brand. Without showing the security system company’s name, this pack of generic camera recording in progress notice signs provides a powerful deterrent and gives you true peace of mind.

This signage with brightly colored borders carries a clear message: "Warning - This Building Is Under 24 Hour Surveillance". Printed with UV protection ink on vinyl with vibrant colors, these authentic looking stickers provide protection both indoors and outdoors. The sticker size is never bulky or obtrusive but is easy to notice. It can easily stick to surfaces such as glass, wood, or metal and holds up well with weather. Put these stickers on entrances, windows, or doors in your house, office, condo, warehouse, apartment, store, RV, or vehicle today to prevent loitering, trespassing. soliciting, or intruding.

About this item

  • Camera recording stickers for property made from 4 mil vinyl and printed with UV protected ink; Self-adhesive and do not fall off easily; Fading and peeling free; Waterproof and weather resistant; Durable and sturdy; Will last indefinitely indoors and at least seven years outdoors;
  • Security camera signs for homes, commercial properties, shops, businesses, cars, boats, and RVs; Ward off would-be thieves and prevent trespassing with or without real or fake CCTV security system;
  • Security camera stickers with a legit and authentic look; Easy to install on windows and doors; No need for tools or glue; Stick well on glass, metal, or wood surfaces;
  • Video surveillance sticker size: 2" x 4 "; Pack of 10; Easy to read message and copyrighted design;

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