Mandala Crafts Round Natural Tiger Eye Beads for Jewelry Making - Loose Yellow Tigers Eye Stone - Tiger Eye Gemstone for Bracelet Necklace Beading


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Have you noticed the quality of gemstone beads dictate the overall presentation of a jewelry design? Have other dyed jewelry beads faded and bled when touching water? This tiger eye beads bulk set is the answer! With shiny luster and rich color, these round tiger eye beads offer endless possibilities for beading and crafting. Drilled to perfection, these golden color tiger eye beads are easy to string or sew and can be glued on a variety of surfaces. These bulk tigers eye beads coordinate well with a multitude of materials, beads, and hardware. Unlike loose tiger eye bulk beads, this tiger eye bead set is meticulously organized in a sectioned snap container, excellent for nifty beadwork or intricate patterns. With ample quantity, this tiger eye beads kit will last several projects.

Essential for jewelry making, these sleek tigers eyes beads with smooth surfaces compliment a variety of tastes and styles. Compatible with various beads such as gold or silver metal, crystal, wood, seashell, or pearl beads, these tiger eye natural beads can create elegant chokers, friendship bracelets, chakra bands, stud or dangle earrings, boho jewelry, wristbands, and belly rings for female and male. For handicrafts, the tiger eye round beads have the beauty, sheen, and sophistication to take DIY, sewing, embroidery, or macrame designs to the next level. The natural tigers eye beads can instantly accentuate windchimes, medallions, phone charms, dreamcatchers, keychains, ornaments, or picture frames. As decorative beads for home, party, or wedding, these real tiger eye beads add a bohemian touch and give an air of mystery. The uses of these tigers eye stone beads are so versatile that it can even be used to make fishing lures and eyes for crocheted animals.

About this item

  • Tiger eye stone jewelry beads made of genuine tiger eye stones with drilled-through holes; Durable and sturdy tigers eye crystal beads with rich color and polished smooth surface; Waterproof natural tiger eye crystal beads
  • Assorted tiger eye beads for jewelry making and beading; Unisex tiger eye beads for bracelets making; Bulk tiger eye beads for earrings, necklaces, anklets, rings, brooches, chokers, waist beads, rosaries, and mala prayer beads; Yellow tiger eye beads as tiger eye spacer beads or charms
  • Tiger's eye beads for DIY crafting, macrame, sewing, and decorating; Tigers eye beads for bookmarks, keychains, sun catchers, zipper pulls, hair beads, or cellphone accessories; Tiger eye stone beads are anecdotally believed to bring good luck and prosperity
  • Tiger eyes beads easy to string with cord, wire, pin, thread, and elastic or non-stretching string; Tiger eye crystal beads pair well with silver or gold metal beads, pearls, seashells, and gemstone beads; Gold tiger eye beads with uniform round shape

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