Mandala Crafts Round Elastic Cord for Kayaks, Camping - Stretch Cord Elastic String Cord - Heavy Duty Elastic Rope Cord for DIY Crafting Sewing

SKU: Thick5mmElasticBlack

Color: Black
Size: 1/5 Inch 5mm 22 YDS 20M
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Did the elastic bungee cord on your kayak crate begin to lose elasticity? Are you about to throw away a lounge chair with a broken shock bungee cord? This elastic cord roll is the answer. Made from braided resilient rubber strands with a nylon casing, this durable and supple stretch cording with outstanding elasticity is made to last. The elastic round cording is stronger than regular rubber bands and will not unravel, retreat, dry out, or get brittle. The nylon material with vibrant colors stays well wrapped without bunching or fraying. Thicker than 2mm elastic cord mostly for jewelry making and beading purposes, this bungie cord is more heavy-duty and fit for indoor and outdoor uses, or even marine applications. The elastic bungee shock cord spool with its ample long packaging length will make the spool last for several projects The applications of the versatile stretchy cord are only limited by your imagination. The bungee cording is a necessity for outdoor activities such as kayaking, crabbing, camping, backpacking, and boating. From creating a bicycle cell phone holder or if you need a bungee strap to repair a roof rack, this bungie cord string can do it all. The stretch rope is also great as a drawstring replacement for sweatpants, trousers, bodysuits, shorts, vests, or product bags. The round elastic string is also convenient to keep around to support plants, build trash bag retainers and sports ball racks, embellish bookshelves, relace zero-gravity recliners, or secure baby or dog gates. The uses of this shock cord spool are so versatile that it can even make cat wand toys.

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