Mandala Crafts Retractable Lanyard with ID Holder - Badge Lanyard with Retractable Reel Vertical Name Badge Retractable Lanyards for ID Badges Pack of 5


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Are you looking for a plastic retractable lanyard for your nametag that you can see through and will allow you to scan it without removing it? This retractable badge lanyard set is the answer. With an ultra-soft woven strap and long retractable cord, the lanyard with retractable id holder is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Simply put the lanyard around your neck, slip a standard-sized card into it, and seal the top for all-day protection. The lanyard retractable badge holder is crystal-clear, easy to pull outward and inward, and will not haphazardly come undone. This adjustable retractable lanyard set is wonderful for everyday use and ensuring your possessions stay safe and secure throughout meetings, events, or excursions. The lanyard retractable badge holder can even bend or fold without breaking or forming creases. With ample supply, these bulk retractable lanyards for id badges are sure to for many uses. Handy for people of all ages and professions, these lanyards with retractable reel perfectly suit students, teachers, contractors, nurses, and office staff or management to wear at expos, tradeshows, exhibitions, conventions, conferences, or festivals. On vacation trips, these lanyards serve as airport lanyards, cruising lanyards, or ski pass lanyards. The retractable lanyards safeguard important items such as a driver's license, employee identification, or access, membership, and cruise cards. The retracting lanyard can also carry miscellaneous items such as coins, whistles, or flash drives. No more worrying about holes caused by pins or clips, this id card holder retractable lanyard will stay intact and is designed for rough use and continual wear. No more misplaced cards. With this retractable id holder with lanyard set, you can go about your day at ease and hands-free!

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