Purple Glass Tasbih Prayer Beads - Misbaha Beads Muslim Prayer Beads for Men and Women - Islamic Prayer Beads Tasbih Beads Necklace


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Is the string on your worry beads so thin that it turns loose after a very short period of time? This set of dhikr beads is the answer. Strung with nylon tasbih string with strong tensile strength, this set of handmade Islamic beads is lightweight and long lasting. The misbaha tasbih beads can be easily fit in pocket, bags, or purses. Because they are the perfect length, these rosary Islamic beads can be worn as a Muslim rosary necklace or wrapped around the wrist to create an Islamic prayer beads bracelet. The Islam beads fit comfortably between your fingers and these prayer Muslim beads are a great tool help you escape worry and find peace. As Muslim tasbih beads to aid in prayer and meditation, this set of portable Islam prayer dhikr beads is handy to keep around. With 99 beads, you will be able to recite "Al-hamdu lillah, "Subhan Allah", and "Allahu Akbar" 33 times and reinvigorate the importance of dhikr in you wherever and whenever. The Islam rosary beads are also profound and thoughtful spiritual or Ramadan gifts for Muslims. As a jewelry piece, these handcrafted beads are also an elegant statement a rosary Muslim necklace or tasbih beads bracelet. The Arabic prayer beads can also be used as a car rear mirror hanging ornament.

- Islamic tasbih prayer beads 99 rosary made from natural wood with a clear protective coating; Durable and sturdy; Handmade Tasbeeh prayer beads with strong nylon cord; Fade-resistant and lightweight Islamic rosary beads.

- Wood tasbih prayer beads for praying, chanting the Tasbih of Fatimah, and meditation; Islam gifts for Ramadan, Eid, birthday, and father day; Zikr prayer beads for zikr or Namaz ceremonies.

- Muslim rosary beads to wear as a tasbih bracelet or necklace; Car tasbih beads mirror decoration; Comfortable to wear zikr beads.

- Portable Arabic rosary beads easy to put in pocket, car, or bags; Easy-to-wear wood tasbih beads; Wooden tasbih beads comfortably fit between fingers.

- Gift-ready Muslim prayer beads for women and men with gift bag; Islamic prayer beads 99 plus 2 counter beads; Bead size: 8mm; Length: 25 inches.

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