Mandala Crafts Nylon Seed Bead String - Thin Nylon String Monofilament Beading Thread for Seed Beads - Non-Stretch Wire for Hanging


Color: Transparent
Size: 0.5mm 711 Yards
Sale price$11.99
In stock


Does stretchy but flimsy crystal string warp your beading projects? Does your fine nylon string fray when used with abrasive beads? Do not settle for subpar clear beading thread. This nylon non-stretch string is the answer. The sturdy transparent string with outstanding tensile strength can maintain the bead patterns without the space between each bead you get with elastic string. The clear monofilament transparent texture negates the need to match colors and leaves no obvious trace of threading. This nylon beading string is almost undetectable under direct light or against a light-colored background when looked at with the naked eye. The stiff nylon string line is easy to string and does not require big eye needles. With the wholesale length included in each pack, the monofilament fishing line spool will last for several projects. This invisible nylon thread is a must-have illusion cord for jewelry making. The crafts fish string is easy to knot and compatible with jump rings and other jewelry findings. Add a dab of glue to each knot to increase the knot?s security. The seed beads string works well with seed beads such as size 11/0 or 15/0. The monofilament illusion cord for hanging will carry some weight and is able to hold heavy or abrasive beads made from glass, resin, stone, or metal. The heavy fishing line is great for creating sun catchers, lampshades, bead curtains, wind chimes, and purse bead patterns, tying balloons, repairing shoes, binding books, or sewing upholstery covers. Being able to stand up to pulling and tugging without snapping, the fishing wire clear for hanging is great for suspending decorations, patio lights, crystal prisms, bird cages, model airplanes, planters, artworks, garlands, paper lanterns, or ornaments for Christmas and Halloween. The uses of this clear hanging string are so versatile that the fishing nylon string can even be installed on balconies so pesky birds will not land there.

  • Invisible string or hilo invisible made from nylon; No-stretch clear thread; Clear fishing line for crafts ; Durable clear hanging wire; Water-resistant nylon thread or hilo de nailon; Lead free invisible hanging wire; Fray-free round invisible wire
  • Nylon fishing line for jewelry making; Clear bracelet string for bracelet making; Transparent jewelry nylon string for kandi jewelry, waist beads, necklaces, and earrings; Invisible nylon thread for beading; Clear nylon invisible thread for sewing
  • Strong clear string for hanging Christmas decorations, garlands, and windchimes; Fish wire for balloon; Translucent monofilament beading string for metal, gemstone, glass, lava, pearl, or pony beads; Illusion beading cord compatible with crimps and ferrules
  • Easy to work with clear twine; Monofilament fishing line clear for hanging with easy to find ends; Thin seed bead thread can be easily knotted; Nylon beading thread for beaded patterns, figurines, ornaments, statues, keychains, charms, or boxes
  • Bulk clear thread spool; 711-yard clear nylon wire; Continuous clear fishing wire for hanging; 0.5mm clear string for bracelets with consistent thickness; Clear line for hanging with outstanding tensile strength; Stiff invisible thread

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