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Is it frequently difficult to find the time in your busy schedule for a trip to the nail salon? Wouldn't it be more convenient to have a complete nail file and buffer kit to maintain the basic needs of your nails in the comfort of your home? This nail file buffer kit is the answer. With a diverse pedicure and manicure tool selection, the nail prep kit has all you need for achieving tip-top nails. No need to scout for nails files and buffers separately. This nail buffer set is gritty enough to get the job done but gentle enough to not damage your fingers, nails, or cuticles. A must-have nail buffer kit, this nail file buffer set is great for upkeeping and restoring nails or achieving any nail style. The nail buffer block kit comes with all essential cuticle tools for keeping your nails smooth, polished, and shiny. From repairing rugged nails to preparing nails for intricate DIY nail art and designs, this buffer and nail file set is useful for just about anyone.

The nail file cuticle pusher kit is wonderful for keeping your nails beautiful. First, use the cuticle cutter and pusher to clip the cuticles, clean up dirt or dead skin, and refine fingernail edges. Then, use the nail files to create unique nail shapes such as square, oval, almond, or coffin shapes. Finally, use the sanding block and nail brush to round out corners, smooth out grooves, and complete the look. Perfect to travel with, this nail file buffer cuticle kit is great for use in your home or car and for touch ups at work or while on-the-go. It's never been quicker or easier to beautify your nails by yourself. The all-encompassing manicure nail file kit not only helps you look after your nails but also simplifies the process so that you enjoy your nail care experience!

About this item

- Manicure kit with professional grade nail tools made from stainless steel; Durable and sturdy manicure tools; Basic yet comprehensive nail care kit for meeting wide-ranging nail needs; Portable nail buffer and shine kit; Corrosion-resistant nail cuticle kit.

- Nail tool kit with nail files and buffers for acrylic nails, fingernails, and toenails; Nail files and buffers for gel nails and dip powder nails; Nail buffer and file kit for cleaning, cutting, buffering, and polishing nails or cuticles.

- Nail file and buffer set for fixing broken, jagged, or uneven nails; File nail kit to sand down ridges, trim and scrape cuticles, or tidy edges.

- Nail files and buffers kit for home, spas, or salons; Travel-friendly nail care set; gift-ready nail care kit for women girls, teens, and moms on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas.

- Nail filing kit for women with 3 different nail files, 1 nail polisher buffer block, 1 nail sponge buffer, 2 cuticle pushers, 1 cuticle nipper, and 1 mini nail brush; Manicure supplies in bulk packaging.

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