Metallic Embroidery Thread Set Gold Metallic Thread for Sewing Machine and Hand Decorative Sewing Embroidery Needle Work- 218 Yards 200M

Color: Gold
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Are you looking for sparkle thread to add a regal touch to your needlework projects? This lustrous and classic metallic thread for sewing is the answer. With a tough viscose core, the metallic threads have the right tenacity which reduces puckering and looping risk. The glitter thread with a polished surface easily glides through any type of fabric without shedding, jamming, or skipping stitches. This sparkle embroidery thread is the trick to make a design really pop. For cross-stitching, this metallic cross-stitch thread instantly adds an elegant touch. For quilting, the metallic polyester thread is great for hand quilting. A favorite crafting element with high gloss shimmer, this sparkly thread will definitely pop up any design.

The metallic thread for embroidery is a must-have to make an ordinary project stand out. No matter whether it is being used as a metallic hand embroidery thread or machine thread, it can handle both with ease. This shiny sewing thread is widely used to create emblems and logos, attach glitter appliques or patches on clothing, or decorate liturgical hangings on the altar. This sparkling thread is also a dazzling addition to costumes, veils, boots, baby bibs, bags, and even pet apparel. For scrapbooking, the metallic glitter thread adds a rich feel to cards and notebooks instantly. The shiny thread can also add the right amount of nobility to a collage art piece. Handy around the home, the polyester metallic thread will hold up when subjected to soft laundering and will instantly transform the look of dish towels, table napkins or runners, cushions, drapery, pillows, or stockings.

About this item

- Metallic embroidery machine thread made from soft polyester core and coated with metal color foil; Smooth and soft golden thread with gorgeous sheen.

- Colorfast metallic embroidery floss thread; Fray and breakage-resistant; Machine-washable and dryable; Comfortable to touch; Non capacitive; Tarnish-proof gold embroidery thread.

- Metallic thread for cross stitch, garment making, applique, and tatting; Shiny embroidery thread for embroidering; Metallic quilting thread for quilting.

- Metallic needlepoint thread for decorative sewing; Gold thread for sewing uniforms, upholstery, gloves, t-shirts, dresses, jeans, sweaters, curtains, totes, coats, or shoes.

- Gold thread for crafts, light duty hanging, and decorating; Shiny thread for embellishing card stock or scrapbooks, key fobs, napkin trims, ornaments and artworks or restoring church paraments.

- Metallic sewing thread for hand sewing with a regular big eye needle or machine sewing with a top stitch 80/12 or 90/14 needle and at a slow speed under 600 to prevent tangling and breakage.

- Gold embroidery thread for embroidery machines and hand embroidering; Easy to wind on bobbins; Easy to thread; Metallic gold thread compatible with cotton, wool, linen, silk, or leather.

- Metallic thread set with two spools; 109 yards or 100Mof metallic floss thread each spool; Total length: 218 yards of 200M; Spool size: 1.25 X 1 X 1 Inches.

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