Mandala Crafts Lightweight Clear Elastic for Sewing – 33 YDs Invisible Transparent Elastic Band Clear Elastic Strap for Bra Lingerie Swimwear Garments

Size: 1/2 Inch 10mm 33 Yards
Sale price$9.99 USD


Is it bothersome when your elastic bra straps with solid color show? This roll of elastic clear straps is the answer. Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, the flexible elastic transparent straps are soft to the touch and provide a discreet hold. The translucent silicone elastic tape does not wrinkle or discolor and can go through the washer and dryer in low heat without losing elasticity. The continuous transparent strap can be trimmed to any length or stitched directly on a various of fabric or leather. The transparent elastic for sewing is a better alternative to safety pins and also more comfortable to wear than rubber bands. Resistant to sweat or oil, the pliable clear stretchy elastic will not scratch skin or snap. With long yardage, this clear elastic roll will provide enough invisible strap to last for multiple projects. Providing invisible and slip-free hold for bras, sportswear, skirts, stockings, lingerie, undergarments, swimsuits, or gowns, this clear silicone elastic is a must-have for garment or costume making, shirring, general sewing, ruching, and edging to achieve strapless looks. The clear elastic sewing tape can be easily sewn around armpits, waistbands, shoulders or collars. From stabilizing seams, forming gathers on knit fabric, to creating bodices or bustle backing, the clear elastic trim gets the job done while concealed from sight under lace or sheer tops. The clear stretch elastic is also great for shoe straps, mask bands, hat chin straps, headgear, tiaras, wigs, and headbands. The clear elastic bands for sewing can also be decorated with glue-on charms, beads, pearls or glitter to add a stylish and chic touch. This clear elastic strap roll is also convenient to have around the house for hanging photos, making doll clothes, or creating ornaments. The uses of the clear elastic tape for sewing are so versatile that it can even be used to hold music books open on the piano.

  • Clear elastic band made from thermoplastic polyurethane; Sturdy clear elastic straps; Latex free clear elastic tape with high elasticity; Abrasion and wear-resistant clear elastic band for sewing; Lead-free; Washable and dryable invisible elastic
  • Clear elastic bands for clothing, garment or costume; Clear elastic stretch ribbon for shirring; Clear elastic strap for ruching and edging; Concealed stretch elastic for sewing sportswear; Clear elastic trim for dresses; Clear elastic for bracelets
  • Clear elastic for swimwear; Clear 1/2 elastic for undergarments; Clear strap lingerie bands; Clear garter straps; Clear bra straps bulk pack; Elastic sewing band for stocking; Clear sewing elastic to stabilize seams, form gathers, or create bodice or bustle backing
  • Clear elastic bands for crafts; Stretchy clear strap for DIY mask string, headbands, bedspreads, hat clear chin strap, and shoe straps; Lightweight elastic to hang item, secure tiaras or wigs, or create doll cloth or ornaments
  • Clear elastic ribbon can be sewn by hand and machine on cotton, knit fabric, organza or lace; Easy-to-cut sewing clear elastic for crafts; Clear flat elastic can be adorned with charms, beads, and pearls; 33 FT elastic clear ribbon; Clear elastic 1/2 inch or 10mm

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