Mandala Crafts Large Stainless Steel Flat Split Key Rings for Crafts, Keys, Keychains, 20 Pieces (1 Inch 25mm, Silver Tone)


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Have you ever used key rings that turn your fingers green? Is it frustrating that your split keyrings do not return to their original shape and remain split open? This bulk set of assorted blank keychain rings might be the answer. These solid round metal split ring have tight coils and sturdy construction. They do not chafe or leave black residue and have sufficient spring retention to close flat and tight after keys have been slipped on.

Compared to nickel plated alloy keyrings, the heavy duty stainless-steel key rings with flat coils can hold up several pounds of weight with ease and adds more security. The chic and contemporary appearance of the rings will add flair to any project. These round rings are not only strong hardware to keep keys organized but also reliable crafting accessories for general attaching and hanging purposes. Hang wind chimes, birdfeeders, patio lights, or boat flags, these hardy rings can do it all. For crafters, these rings are handy to make lanyards, pet collars, camping tactical gear, and paracord key fobs, accent up belts, wallets, and handbags, or even replace busted zipper pulls.

  • Keychain rings made from 316 stainless steel; Sturdy and durable; Lead free; Rust, oxidation, corrosion, and tarnish resistant; Heavy duty circle key ring loop with flat edge
  • Key rings for crafts, hanging, attaching, macrame, and paracord jewelry making
  • Plain large key rings in bulk wholesale pack; Quantity: 50 PCs; Size: 1 inch or 25mm
  • Great for hanging wind chimes, birdfeeders, patio lights, or boat flags, making keychains, lanyards, dog collars, camping gear, and key fobs, and decorating belts, wallets, and handbags
  • Easy to use round key chain rings; Secure and tight fit; Fit indoor and outdoor use

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