Mandala Crafts Gimp Braid Trim Roll – French Braided Trim Ribbon Gold Trim for Sewing – Decorative Gold Fabric Trim by The Yard for Curtain Trim Flat Upholstery Trim


Color: Black
Size: 3/8 Inch 30 Yards
Sale price$24.99
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Are you looking for elegant decorative ribbons and trims to hide the raw edges of cloth? Do you think straw braid trim is too coarse? This braided cord trim roll with scalloped edge is exactly what you need! With a metallic sheen and vibrant color, the fabric braid trim can provide sturdy bonding and also adds a chick and and festive touch. As lace trim braid to seal fabric edges, this pliable grip braid trim is easy to maneuver and can gracefully go through straight lines or curves. As decorative border, the gimp trim is compatible with a various of materials such as fabric, satin, silk, vinyl, or leather. The flexible metallic fabric trim can be easily stitched, glued, or folded over unfinished lining. The sewing braided trim with heat treatable ends is easily cut with minimal fraying. With long packing length, the braided trim by the yard will last for several projects. The metallic trim is the trick to change a piece from ordinary to extraordinary in sewing and garment making. Adding a contrasting or complimentary border, the fabric trimming will instantly enhance a garment or costume. The upholstery braid is a necessity for upholstery to accentuate sofa, slipcover, duvets, pillows, or draperies. For crafting and scrapbooking, the Chinese braid trim can add a sophisticated touch to baskets, bags, scrapbooks, wreaths and hair barrettes. The usage of the decorative ribbon trim is so versatile that it can even be used to wrap or embellish gifts.

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