Mandala Crafts Flatback Pearls for Crafts – Imitation Flat Back Pearl Gems – Nail Pearls for Nails - Half Pearls for Crafts 605 PCs 4mm to 12mm


Color: Black
Size: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
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Are you looking for easy to adhere flat craft pearls for your crafting projects? This stick on pearl set is the answer. No more chasing spilled pearl flatbacks. No more calipering every pearl cabochon to find the right size. This pearl flatback bead kit will save hassle when needing specific sized tiny flatback pearls. With a lustrous allure, these elegant pearls for crafts flatback beads are easy to use and can securely stick to a variety of surfaces and materials. This set of imitation crafting half back pearls yields endless design choices and add glamourous splendor to handcrafted showpieces. From embellishing jackets, jeans, and vests to creating shoe designs or gussying up crowns, graduation caps, wreaths, and mirrors, these flat backed pearls can do it all. They pair well with other jewelry beads such as rhinestones, these pearl craft beads add a chic touch and are essential for distinctive bling creations. The hotfix pearls flatback beads are handy to keep around for novelty crafting or event decorating such as birthdays, celebrations, or holidays. Glossy under the light, these assorted flatback pearls with their timeless charm are perfect for adorning hairpins and bows, handbags, buttons, buckles, picture frames, notebooks, and masquerade face covers. With the hot fix pearls, replacing lost pearl gems on sweatshirts and cardigans cannot be easier. The flat sided pearls for crafts can also be used as nail art pearls, face pearls, or as decorative pearls for mermaid sea-themed parties.

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