Mandala Crafts Flatback Pearl Applique Banding - Crystal Pearl Trim - Pearl Rhinestone Trim Lace Ribbon for Sewing Bridal Dress Decor Weddings Party Christmas Decorations


Color: White
Size: 0.25 Inches, 10 Yards, Flat Back
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This roll of plastic pearl and manmade crystal rhinestone ribbon adds bling and a touch of class to DIY projects, seasonal events, and celebrations including weddings, baby showers, themed parties, or holidays.

The manmade faceted crystal beads are sparkly and well encrusted. The grid patterned back mesh is made from sturdy fibers. It can be easily customized in terms of length with regular scissors. The flat back is smooth for sewing by hand or for applying adhesive such as glue or double-sided tape. Our convenient packaging on a spool makes it easy to use and avoids tangling.

For pearl, rhinestone, and lace vintage style weddings, this roll can jazz up bouquets, bows, cakes, cake stands, centerpieces, or napkin rings. No matter whether it is being used to accent up a strap, sash, belt, veil, or headband, this ribbon is not only cost effective but also looks elegant and exquisite.

The applique mixes in well with different fabric and materials. If you are a fashion designer or a creative hobbyist, this blingy lace will make your dress, costume, gown or even bikini pop. This trim can be sewed on garment as bandings, fringes, necklines, or waistlines. The beads will not lose glitter or color after washing and drying.

The applications are only limited by your imagination and ideas. The trim will definitely be a blast to wrap gifts, embellish cards, and bedazzle pocket books, scrapbooks, or even garnish lanterns and dolls. For jewelers, this ribbon is a handy way to supply your customers with beaded jewelry such as necklace chokers, hairpieces, and bracelets with bling.

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