Mandala Crafts Flat Genuine Leather Cord for Jewelry Making – Leather String Cord Leather Lace Cowhide Leather Strips for Crafts Jewelry Making Braiding

Color: Black
Size: 2mm,8.5 Yards
Sale price$9.99 USD


This spool of flat natural leather strap cord is made from premium quality cowhide leather. The length is about 100% longer than other products on the market but the price is almost the same, which makes our strap the lowest price per foot. It is convenient for those who want a longer continuous leather strap.

The best feature that sets our flat leather straps apart from other arts and crafts products is its softness, continuousness, and consistent thickness. The cordage is not many pieces glued together. As real cowhide leather, the strap absorbs essential oil very well. The leather is cut meticulously and is very easy to manipulate. The leather flat twine is soft but strong and easy to puncture or sew for leathercrafts.

This leather strap has very wide applications. It can be used to make jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, boat shoe and boot replacement laces, leather seats or saddles, baseball gloves, handbags and purses, latigos, thongs, lanyards for axes, knives and hatchets, hanging rope for decor items or small tools, or even to wrap the cheek piece on a rifle. For some beads with big holes, this leather cord can be used in beading too.

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