Mandala Crafts Faux Pearl Beads Garland Pearl Bead Roll String Strand for Wedding, Decorating, Trees, Crafts


Color: Gold
Size: 4mm 44 Yards
Sale price$13.99
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Are you looking for the right decoration to jazz up your themed party? Do you want to add a vintage feel to your wedding decor? This well-constructed pearl roll could help. The pearl rope with luster adds a touch of glamour and elegance to weddings, parties, receptions, baby showers, holidays, and street fairs. The round pearls are securely fused on a sturdy nylon twine, which can easily be cut into the desired length without falling apart. The mellow pearl strand without blemishes looks just like real pearls with an ivory hue and is soft to the touch.

The timeless beauty of pearls makes it perfect for decorating wedding centerpieces, cakes, bridal bouquets, lanterns, headpieces, gowns, or garters. Drape it behind chairs and tables. Hang it on the aisles. Lay it flat on tables. You will be surprised by the instant glamour this spool of pearl garland can add. Reviving an old lamp shade, dressing up a chandelier, decorating a Christmas tree, filling bowls, embellishing your invitation cards and scrapbooks, wrapping gifts, this pearl string can do magic. The uses are so versatile that it is also great for embellishing costume or making ornaments, necklaces, or Mardi Gras beads.

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