Mandala Crafts Cotton Twill Tape - Natural Cotton Ribbon Webbing - Soft Cotton Herringbone Tape Cloth Strap for Seam Binding Sewing Trimming


Color: Off White
Size: 0.5 Inch 50 Yards
Sale price$11.99
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Have you noticed that it is very hard to find basic twill tape in store now? It is necessary to have a versatile basic product like this roll of natural ribbon with herringbone pattern to apply your creative ideas into your sewing and crafting practice. Compared to cotton webbing and bias tape, it is easier to work with and sew. For light-duty tying, reinforcing, and binding, this twill cloth ribbon can outperform other sewing tapes. The mostly neutral color selection enables the tape to be perfectly paired with literally any color. This twill tape can also be dyed and the length can be customized without fraying.

For sewing; tailoring; and clothes making; this twill tape can be used to reinforce seams, create casings, make button loops, and trim draperies or clothing edges. The tape is handy to keep for sewing hobbyists to create apron or gown strings. It can also replace drawstrings for sweatpants, pajamas, hoodies, or shorts. It will add flare and yield a polished look to your project when creating tags or label. The cotton ribbon is also very useful to keep around house for small projects such as to tie curtains and cables, bind quilts or blankets, and repair roll up blinds or crib bumpers. The application is so versatile that the ribbon can even be used to wrap gifts or bicycle handlebars.

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