Mandala Crafts Chiffon Ribbon Fringe Ribbon – Silk-Like Frayed Edge Ribbon - Handmade Rustic Fabric Ribbon for Wedding Gift Wrapping Invitation Bouquets Shower Crafts


Color: Black
Size: 1.75 Inches 7x3 Yards
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Are you looking for bohemian and chic wedding ribbon to enhance your big day? Do you feel frayed silk ribbon stands out too much? This handmade rustic chiffon silk like ribbon set is the answer. With rustic ragged edge, the soft fringed ribbon with neutral color palettes can instantly add a chic and festive touch without overshadowing a project. The fringe chiffon silk ribbon is easy to sew, wrap, or tie and matches different materials with ease. The pliable fringe edge ribbon is colorfast and free of fraying. The colorful ribbon will provide you infinite design choices and ample quantity to last multiple projects. From sprucing up a mason jar to dressing up invitations, this chiffon frayed ribbon is a surefire way to enhance any design. As fringe cloth ribbon for gift box wrapping and product packaging, the chiffon handmade ribbon will add charm and a shabby chic touch to elevate the overall presence. For wedding and party decorations, the frayed chiffon ribbon will bedeck your space when used to wrap around silverware, dress up chairs, hang in the aisle, or jazz up centerpieces. For floral arrangements, the unique ribbon will turn an ordinary bouquet to an extraordinary art piece and make detailed camerawork truly stand out. The fabric fringe ribbon is also convenient to keep around for costume and garment making. From trimming a dress or skirt to creating a sash or hair accessory, this chiffon fabric ribbon does it all. For crafting, the rustic ribbon accentuates scrapbooks, ornaments, or stationery and adds a bohemian look. With endless possibilities, this fashionable cloth ribbon by the rolls effortlessly brings your parties or gifts to life!

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