Cage Necklace Pendant with Necklace Cord Spiral Bead Cages Stone Holder Necklace Cage Pendants for Jewelry Making Crafting 24 Sets 14mm 20mm 25mm

Color: Silver
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Is your crystal necklace holder for stones too rigid? Do you think it is really tedious to drill holes in rock pendants? This crystal cage necklace set is exactly what you need. The gemstone cage necklace negates the need for pendant bail installation or hole drilling. Made from tough yet workable metal alloy, these crystal cages are gorgeous in sheen and impeccable for housing a variety of delicate or raw gemstones and ornaments. The spiral bead cages are uniform in shape, consistent in quality, and easy to widen without fear of the wire breaking or loosening. Simply pull the middle rings apart, fill, and hang from the top charm cage eyelet that is large enough to accommodate most cordage. With an adequately thick gauge and secure bottom, the pendant holder is well-constructed and nothing slips through. Wonderful for jewelry creation, this cage necklace for crystals and gemstones can be filled with rocks, stones, charms, pearls, or essential oil balls to make unique jewelry. Changing the gemstones used in this crystal necklace cage is simple, and you can easily create new designs as often as you'd like. On top of the necklace crystal holder lies a sizable loophole that's capable of fitting moderately thick cord such as yarn, twine, and string, or linking onto key rings, closures, and lobster clasps. For handicrafts, this wire bead cage pack is fantastic for creating string lights or making stylish key chains to link to handbags, backpacks, or cell phones. Designed to be versatile and highly customizable, these spiral cages for jewelry making help you design fun little presents for gifting to loved ones on birthdays, special occasions, or anniversaries.

About this item

- Cage pendant necklace bead holder made from alloy with free hanging necklace cord; Durable and sturdy; Easy-insertion crystal necklace holder; Maintains original shape well; Shiny, smooth, and stretchable cage for pendant jewelry; Lead-free, corrosion and rust-resistant.

- Caged pendant necklace for rock jewelry making and DIY crafting; Crystal cages for necklaces for aromatherapy necklaces, dangle earrings, bracelets, or anklets.

- Round crystal holder necklace cage for party favors and birthday or holiday gifts; Bead holder crystal cage for crafting keychains or mobile accessories.

- Cage pendant necklace for stones, dice, gems, pearls, crystals, marbles, lava beads, wool or aroma therapy balls insertion; Charm holder for necklace compatible with keyrings, clasps, and extenders, or chains, thread, and ribbon.

- Ball cage pendant necklace wholesale package; 24 necklace cages and necklace cords in each pack; Bead cage pendant size:14mm, 20mm, and 25mm; 8 cage pendants each size; Necklace cord length: 45CM or 18 inches.

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