Cable Clamps Wire Clamps for Electric Wires Stainless Steel Rubber P Clamp R-Type Cable Clamp Kit for Brake Line 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4 1 Inch 50 PCs

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Did your plastic conduit clamp chafe after one hot summer? Did your alloy metal clamp without rubber pads rust and cut into wires? This flexible r type clamp is the answer. No more hold down clamps or messy electric wires. Made from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel and cushioned with removable rubber pads with great friction, this well-constructed electric wire clamp without sharp edges is suitable for various environments and provides a long-lasting and firm hold. The rubber clamps organize and secure cables onto any surface to add a professional touch. The rubber insulation reduces vibration, prevents friction, and protects fixed and rigid pipes, hoses, or cables. Whether it is a hard or soft pipe, this clamp for tube can handle it all. This clamp for tube kit is a must-have for automobile enthusiasts.

From restoring antique vehicles, building hotrods, customizing motorcycles, or doing mechanical repairs on a motorhome, these pliable wire loom clamps are perfect for routing wires, clamping brake lines, holding coolant overflow tanks, mounting top cases, holding hydraulic lines, water lines and transmission hoses. For ATVs and UTVs, this r clamp secures windshields and overhead soundbars to the roof without rattling sounds. The marine grade r-type cable clamp also works great on boats such as securing cabin roof wiring or hold loomed wiring or sonar power cable on a sailboat. Easy to bolt to multiple surfaces, this rubber insulated clamp is a durable alternative to plastic zip ties. The line clamps are perfect for hanging light fixtures or solar panels, clamping down gas pipes, dishwasher drain lines, cables, power cords, vacuum hoses, or attaching lampshades. This rubber clamp can easily hang a bike rack, anchor a fruit or veggie basket, or hold a garden trellis with the line clamps. The uses of this clamp with rubber cushion are so versatile that you can hang a security sign or outdoor display, secure fence panels, or attach a bird feeder.

About this item

- Pipe clamps made from 304 Stainless steel with shock and jolt absorbent rubber linings with high heat tolerance; Heavy-duty, durable, and sturdy to reduce wear and tear; Rust and corrosion resistant; Marine grade and weatherproof.

- R type cable clamp with rubber pad kit- easy to use for automobiles, tubes, boats, motorcycles, motorhomes, aircraft, homes, construction, and machinery.

- Harness and brake line clamp assortment for cars and trucks; Rubber clamp assortment for hanging windshields, fuel lines, or roofs for UTVs and ATVs.

- Stainless pipe clamp kit for hanging or securing cables, conduits, hoses, racks, electrical wires, solar panels, pipes, lighting for home and businesses; Indoor and outdoor wire clamps for electric wires and cables.

- Metal clamps in a bulk wholesale package; 12 cable clamps 1/4 inch size; 10 pipe clamps 1/2 inch size; 8 pipe clamps 3/4 inch; 12 pipe clamps 3/8 inch size; 8 pipe clamps 1 inch size.

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