Mandala Crafts Buckle Straps Adjustable Black Utility Straps with Buckles for Packing Straps – Nylon Quick Release Buckle Strap for Backpack Sleeping Bag Luggage Suitcase

Color: Khaki
Size: 1 Inch 86 Inches
Sale price$9.99 USD


Do you have a hard time using ratchet straps? Have you secured your car loads with buckle extension strap before and it came undone? This buckle release strap is the answer. Made from malleable nylon webbing, the adjustable buckle strap provides a secure hold and negates the need for a lashing process or to tie the ends. The length of the nylon locking strapcan be easily adjusted. If the shortest length of the nylon buckle strap is still too long, the webbing can be cut to make it shorter. The installation is as simple as adjusting the length, wrapping around, and clicking the buckle. The hardy nylon buckle strap will not discolor or tear easily after continuous use even in tropical climates.

This heavy duty lightweight side release buckle strap is a must-have for traveling or moving. It is a handy luggage strap to pack suitcases. For RV campers, these fastening straps with buckles can secure coolers and small items from sliding and can anchor light hangings. It is handy to keep the buckle and strap kit around the house to secure furniture, wrap up foam mattresses or rugs, tie tarps, or hang planters. For outdoor sports, these utility straps are a necessity. From compressing sleeping bags, storing camping gear, cinching down tents and bikes, or camping cots to tying up camper or boat tops, this webbing strap with buckle can do it all. It is even convenient to have the nylon utility strap on the beach to hold beach towels and clothes. As a backpack buckle strap, it can easily turn a backpack into a cross sling pouch or attach belt bags. The small utility strap can also be wrapped around thigh to carry gear or add a side bag. The uses of this strap and buckle are so versatile that it can even be used as a belt, pet collar, or a vest buckle extender strap.

About this item

  • Black buckle strap set made from nylon and buckle clips for straps; Wear-resistant buckle extender strap; No slippage buckling straps; No-curl adjustable buckle strap extender; Indoor and outdoor 1 nylon straps with buckles; Removable snap buckle straps
  • Black compression straps for household items; Backpack luggage strap for backpacking; Suitcase strap for traveling; Baggage straps for luggage; Camping utility straps with strap clips; Buckle extension strap for vests; Long luggage straps for suitcases
  • Side release buckle straps to secure items for bicycles; Black buckles straps for boat covers; Motorcycle luggage straps; Black buckle tie down straps with clips for trucks or trailers; 1 webbing strap with buckles for carpets; Sleeping bag straps
  • Easy-to-use adjustable straps with clips; Pack straps can be connected together; Buckling straps with adjustable length; Buckled strap length can be cut shorter; Canvas luggage strap will not loosen in motion; Securing straps with detachable strap buckles
  • Pack of 4 nylon straps with buckles; 1” nylon webbing strap with buckle; Black nylon buckle strap thickness: 1mm; Black plastic strap buckle size: 2.25 X 1.25 X 0.3 inches; Black short utility strap with quick release buckle


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