Mandala Crafts Bakers Twine


Color: Gold
Size: 55 Yards
Sale price$9.49
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  • Black, white, gold metallic bakers twine for crafts and present wrapping made from polyester; Durable bakers twine string; Metallic twine string with shimmer and shiny sheen; Colorfast decorative twine string for crafts; Odorless metallic gift wrap twine
  • Glitter black, white, gold bakers twine for gift wrapping; Black, white, gold gift wrapping twine for gift boxes, cards, and tags; Black, white, gold metallic twine cord for baked goods; Black, white, gold wrapping twine for candy and soap; Metallic twine ribbon for hair braids, shoes straps, or costumes
  • Black, white, gold decorative twine for hanging ornaments, pictures, and frames; Black, white, gold metallic craft twine for jewelry making and beading; Metallic black, white, gold bakers cord to decorate parties, baby showers, weddings, holidays, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries
  • Black, white, gold decorative string for crafts is easy to cut or wrap; Black, white, gold baker's twine ends can be glued to avoid fraying; Black, white, gold baker twine for DIY crafts; Easy-to-knot bakers twine string for Metallic garden twine for gardening
  • Metallic bakers twine bulk wholesale pack; 11-ply metallic twine string for crafts; Length: 165 yards or 151 meters; 1mm metallic twine cord; Metallic black, white, gold bakers twine with continuous length

  • Are you looking for metallic wrapping string to enhance the look of your gifts and delight the recipients? Have you noticed shimmer twine elevates your merchandise tremendously? This metallic bakers twine for crafts is exactly what you’re looking for. Made from polyester, the pliable metallic twine for crafts with shiny sheen instantly adds elegance and class. Compared to metallic jute twine, this 11-ply metallic string is softer to the touch and easier to maneuver. The continuous bakers string with vibrant colors does not shed or bleed and is easy to cut, wrap, or tie. With the bulk packing length included, the metallic twine for gift wrapping will last for several projects.

    As gift twine for parties, baby showers, weddings, and anniversaries, the metallic twine string for gift wrapping is handy to keep around the house. The glitter twine string can also add a festive touch when used to hang ornaments or photos for holidays such as Christmas. This metallic string for crafts is a unique jewelry cord to create bracelets or necklaces, or the metallic craft cord can even be used as trim for costumes. For handmade merchandise such as soap or candy, the wrapping twine ribbon will add a luxurious touch to the final product. The uses of this craft bakers twine rope are so versatile that it can even be used to make pet toys or decorate braided hair.

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