Mandala Crafts Adjustable DIY Worm Gear Hose Clamps - 304 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps –Hose Clamp Kit Metal Band Clamp System

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Size: 11.5 Feet or 3.5M 8 Fasteners
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Have you had to stop a project when a prep-cut screw clamp did not fit? Do you want the freedom to customize your own stainless steel pipe clamps with continuous stainless pipe strap and an ample supply of screw tighten clamp fasteners? This stainless steel hose clamp kit is the answer. No more fiddling with an unfit plumbing clamp. This all stainless worm gear hose clamp kit allows you to make all stainless hose clamps of almost any size. Made from premium stainless-steel, this strong flat band clamp free of sharp edges and burrs will ensure a firm hold to accommodate a wide range of applications. Not only is the hose band remarkably easy to install but it comes in one long band to customize as you wish. Simply cut the pipe strapping, position as needed, and with a straight-blade or flathead screwdriver, then tighten or loosen the hose mounting clamps fasteners.

The worm gear clamp will reduce in diameter as the worm drive is tightened, and once the stainless steel strap is locked, you can cut the excess. The stainless pipe clamp also has a deeper slot for minimizing risk or damage. No more hunting for the perfect-length duct clamp during your next home repair. From mounting security cameras, to aiding in segmented wood turning, to stabilizing fire pit wind guards and fence slats, this metal worm clamp kit can do it all. Around the home, the band clamps can be used to hang feeders, glue segmented rings, strap mailboxes and heat shields, or mount fuel tanks and CCTV equipment. The extra-long cut-to-fit adjustable tubing clamp makes the perfect pool strap, plumbers clamp, muffler strap, water heater strap, or fire hose clamp. Much easier than trying to connect screw claps with a fixed length, this customizable stainless steel adjustable clamp gives you the ease, precision, and liberty to vary the length per project. Whether it's for strapping, mounting, clamping, or positioning, this heavy-duty hose clamp kit will certainly come in handy!

About this item

- Customizable metal clamps made from 304 stainless steel; Durable and sturdy; DIY strap clamp to make your own band hose clamps; Strong screws with a tight hold; Resistant to water, salt, and oil; Stainless hose clamps for indoor and outdoor use; Will not rust or corrode; Lead-free stainless-steel clamps

- Adjustable clamp kit for home and commercial use; Worm clamps stainless steel strap for plumbing, ductwork, repairing hoses, cables, and pipes, securing ducts, poles, and tubes, or making metal straps

- Stainless steel metal clamp kit for aviation, automotive exhaust wraps, vehicles, and watercraft such as motorcycles, cars, RVs, or boats; Heavy duty hose clamps for industrial equipment

- Stainless band clamp is easy to cut, bend, and secure; Strong hose clamps with large adjustment range; Easy-to-use metal worm gear clamp with reusable clamps screw fasteners

- Adjustable hose clamp kit bulk pack with 12 stainless steel clamp strap fasteners; Can make at least 8 stainless steel clamps; 1 roll of 0.5 inch or 13mm wide and 11.5 FT or 3.5M long hose clamp reel; Fastener width: 0.65 inches

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