Adhesive Cable Clips Cord Organizer Kit Black Cable Holder Wire Clips for Desk Nightstand Home Office Car Cord Management 20 PCs


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Does the cord jungle on your working desk bother you? Did your computer power cord accidently fall off your desk and make you lose the work you have done? This multifunctional cable holder clip set is the answer. No more fishing for falling off cables. No more kids tripping on strewn-about cords. These practical wire holders in assorted sizes keep all cords in place with easy access in no time. Horizonal or vertical holding? No problem at all. With the neutral color, these discreet cord holder clips maintain the perfect balance between flexibility and sturdiness, are easy to mix in when applied horizontally, and can be hidden behind furniture or headboard when applied vertically. The malleable desk cord holder can hold a single cord or a bundle of cords without sliding but still allows the cords to move.

This cable clip organizer kit is a necessity for home, office, or vehicle cord management. From electric cords, charger cords, gaming console cords, speaker wires, to baby monitor cables, this charger cord holder will make them stay neat and help you declutter like a pro. Put these cord holders for electronics on desks, Desk, night stands, file cabinets, kitchen counters, behind headboards, or near bedside power strips. You can finally unplug cables or power cords without worrying about them falling behind the furniture. The charging cord holder is a whimsical holder to hold toothbrushes, dental flossers, keys, photos, name cards, Christmas garlands, paint brushes, spoon collections, or keyboard feet. The charging cable holder can also be installed on car dashboards or windshields to organize your GPS, dash cam, or cell phone cord. The sticky adhesive will grip like a pro and stay put even in summer heat. The uses of the multipurpose cable clips are so versatile that it can even hold wires and cords for chicken coops and even fish tank oxygen cords.

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