Mandala Crafts 6mm Braided Leather Cord, Genuine Leather Round Bolo Cord for Jewelry Making, Bolo Ties, Wrapping, Crafting


Color: Black
Size: 6mm 2.2 Yards
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Are you looking for real leather braided cords? Is it frustrating that your hollow braided leather cord is unable to maintain its shape? This braided leather cord made from real leather with a cotton rope core could be what you are looking for. Compared to faux or PU imitation leather cordage, this natural leather braided cord has better texture and is more heavy duty. This leather cord does not unravel or fray easily. The supple leather rope is very easy to work with and compatible with a variety of jewelry finding. The leather strands are evenly braided yielding a rustic yet elegant look.

The leather cording is perfect for different projects such as jewelry making, DIY crafting, beading, decorating, or apparel making. The strong braided leather string is great for making western bolo ties, leather necklaces, chokers, bracelets, or earrings. It also works well as making shoe laces, boot strings, latigos, leashes, key chains, or costume. With the rustic look, it is perfect for making western hat bands, wrap knife sheaths, holsters, tool handles and giving them a good drip and sleek look. Trimming wallets, saddles, and belts with this cord adds instant flare. The sturdy cord is also great to keep around house for creating curtain tiebacks.

  • Braided leather cord made from genuine leather with cotton rope core; Durable and sturdy; Soft and pliable; Will not bleed; Easy to work with; Will not fray or unravel easily
  • Leather braided cord with continuous length as well as consistent color and shape
  • Great for making leather cord jewelry making, lacing, trimming, binding, beading, wrapping, DIY crafting, or apparel making
  • Bolo cord for bolo ties, western hat band, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings, lanyards, handles, curtain tie-backs, shoe laces, or keychains
  • Bulk wholesale supplies; Thickness: 6 mm, Roll length: 2 Meters (About 6.5 Feet or 2.2 Yards); Six strands of leather

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