Mandala Crafts 6 Inch Jumbo Wooden Popsicle Sticks for Crafts - Craft Wood Sticks for Food Ice Cream Sticks Tongue Depressors - Waxing Sticks for Hard Wax Paint

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Do you miss the good old days when the whole family having fun with crafting wood sticks? Do your wax spatula sticks warp easily? This unfinished flat craft sticks jumbo pack is the answer! Made from composable unprocessed hardwood, these multi-purpose short craft sticks fit for a wide range of DIY projects, home and commercial uses. These sanded small popsicle sticks for crafts with easy grip are comfortable to touch and will not snag or chip easily. Unlike pressurized wooden sticks for crafting, the plain popsicle sticks are easy to decorate, staple, or draw without smearing or bleeding. The uniform craft wooden sticks have delicate birch smell and will add an organic touch. With a good amount in each pack, this jumbo popsicle sticks bulk variety set will last for several projects.

This strong craft popsicle sticks jumbo pack is great for school, daycare, or preschool group activities. The easy-to-color small craft sticks for kids are great craft building sticks for building bridges, dollhouses, airplanes, and catapults. The bendable craft sticks can be name popsicle sticks or craft natural sticks for teaching letters, counting, and sorting, science experiments, or creative and art projects for teachers. The clean food grade popsicle sticks are handy to use with food coloring, make pudding or banana pops, lollipops, fruit or watermelon popsicles, fugesicles ,or corndogs. The popsicle craft sticks can bring hours of fun for woodcrafts such as creating wooden boxes, picture frames, coasters, lampshades, or ornaments. The sustainable popsicle sticks can also be DIY fan popsicle sticks for church functions, graduations, or weddings. The thin popsicle sticks can also be made into programs, raffle games, auction bidding sticks, or photo booth props. As popsicle sticks for gardening, the narrow craft sticks are great row and seedling marker, or plant identifiers. The craft stir sticks can be used to apply acrylic, latex, resin, or solder, silicone, and sealer. The blank popsicle sticks can also be used to stir auto touch paint and clear coat. The wooden wax sticks are wax application sticks or wax stirring sticks for tattooing and cosmetology businesses. The uses of these miniature craft sticks are so versatile that they can also create chewing toys for your parrot or hamster's hideout.

About this item

  • Wooden sticks for crafts made from natural birch wood; Sturdy plain wood popsicle stick; Smooth craft stick with rounded ends; Splinter-free ice popsicle sticks; Lightweight crafts sticks; Food grade popsicles sticks; Non-toxic crafting sticks
  • Wood craft sticks for crafting; DIY popsicle sticks for modeling; Natural wood craft sticks for scrapbook; Medium craft sticks for model houses, birdhouses, stick puppets; Raw jumbo wooden popsicle sticks for date night jars, fans, chore sticks, bookmarks
  • Craft paint sticks for mixing paint; Small popsicle sticks for waxing applications; Small popsicle sticks for food, dessert, cakesicles; Thin craft sticks for epoxy, resin, glue, slime; Wax wood sticks for candles; Facial & body wax stick; Hard wax sticks for hair removal
  • Organic small craft wood sticks for crafts; Kids craft sticks for classroom, scouts, camp, STEM activities; Kids popsicle sticks for birthday party; Homemade popsicle sticks for games; Plain craft sticks for garden markers; 6 inch craft sticks for auction paddles
  • Bulk popsicle sticks; Jumbo craft sticks bulk pack for salon; Wood craft popsicle sticks bulk pack easy to cut, glue, paint, stain, dye, or write on; 100 popsicle sticks for crafts jumbo pack; 6 inches long wooden craft sticks; 0.75 inch wide mini popsicle sticks

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