5mm 200 YDs Metallic Curling Ribbon for Gift Wrapping Metallic Ribbon for Balloon String Party Holiday Decorations Shiny Crimped Curly Ribbon


Color: Blue
Size: 2 Count (Pack of 1)
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This roll of glimmering curly ribbons is always good to have around the house. Whether you want to use it to wrap a present or gift box & basket, make a card or curly korker bow, spruce up a wine bottle, tie tags on party favors, decorate a balloon, arrange flowers, or create a festive atmosphere for a holiday season, birthday party, Hanukkah, wedding, bridal shower, graduation, or any special occasion, it is handy to have it especially with our generously long packaging length.

The colors are bright, accurate, vivid, and highly reflective. The assortment makes it easy to match with other wrapping supplies. It will not only add some glitter but also make your gifts or packages extra special and give it a pretty touch. Using it to create a tablescape of a bouquet of curled ribbons for your dinner party will definitely impress your guests.

- Sparkle ribbon roll with glossy holographic sparkles; Shiny gift ribbon with bright and colorful hues; Fit for indoor and outdoor use; Will not fray, split, or tangle; Waterproof gift wrap ribbon.

- Gift wrap ribbons for gift wrapping; Wrapping ribbon for boxes, baskets, presents, and packages; Holographic ribbon for florist floral arrangements; Holographic curling ribbon for embellishing treat bags, xmas trees, ornaments, tags, and cards; Curly ribbon balloon ribbon for balloons.

- Metallic ribbons for party accenting or decorating; Shiny metallic ribbon bulk assortment for birthdays, banquets, graduations, weddings, baby and bridal showers; Holiday ribbon for Christmas and Hanukah; Metallic ribbons for crafts and scrapbooking.

- Gift wrapping ribbon is easy to cut, curl, tie, or make into curly bows; Metallic gift wrap ribbon neatly wrapped in spool for easy storage and dispensing; No dispenser needed; Gift wrapping curling ribbon with easy to find end.

- Crimped curling ribbon shiny metallic bulk assortment pack; 2 rolls of ribbons for gifts; Width: 5mm or 3/16 of an inch; Length per roll: 100 yards; Total length: 200 yards; Metallic gift wrapping ribbon with continuous length.

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