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Is it difficult to string guru beads with uncleanly drilled holes? Do you have a mala with guru bead that needs a facelift? This set of Tibetan guru beads is the answer. Handmade in Nepal, this guru bead set made from simulated yak bone is easy to install with a guru bead needle and can instantly accentuate mala beads. As the focal bead, this Buddha guru bead set adds a traditional and Buddhist vibe to any prayer beads mala. Compatible with various beads and strings, the buddha mala guru bead is a must-have to make Buddhist malas with guru beads in Chinese, Nepalese, Tibetan, or Thai style.

The t-drilled guru beads have 3 holes so you can string a wrist mala or rosary from both sides of the guru beads, then pull both strings through third hole and the tower beads. No matter whether you are building or repairing 108 Buddhist prayer beads or wrist malas, this mala guru bead set can do it all. This solid guru mala bead will not only serve as the counting marker, but will also beautiful highlight your meditation beads.

About this item

  • Mala guru bead made from simulated yak bone; Sturdy and durable; Handmade in Nepal; Polish and smooth space; Comfortable to touch; Lead and nickel free; Clean drilled-through holes
  • Guru bead for mala making and yoga style jewelry; Guru focal beads for accentuating Buddhist prayer beads and wrist malas; Guru bead set used in mala beads to mark the end of one circle of mantra chanting, prayer, and meditation
  • T drilled guru bead is easy to string with beading needles and compatible with different strings and threads; to use, simply close off your bracelet or necklace on both sides, then pull the thread through the third hole, and then through the tower bead
  • 3-hole guru beads pair well with other malas beads made from howlite, brass metal, hematite, amethyst, obsidian, quartz, onyx, malachite, silver, garnet, turquoise, tiger eye, wood, sandalwood, or shell

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