Mandala Crafts 1200 Flatback Rhinestones for Nail Gems Face Gems, Flatback Rhinestones for Crafts, Round Flat Back Rhinestones Gems 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm


Color: Lavender
Size: 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm
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Are you looking for colorful rhinestones for face to glamorize your look? Have you noticed resin or acrylic flatback rhinestones have less bling than crystals for nails? This sparkly non-hotfix set of bedazzling gems is the answer. With vibrant color and lustrous sheen, the rhinestone jewels are designed to add instant bling to make a fashion statement, add to your handmade creations, or enhance furnishings. These flat-backed round rhinestones are easy to glue on various surfaces without falling off. The faceted cut flat back gems for crafts shine beautifully under lights and effortlessly transform an ordinary piece into something extraordinary. Unlike self-adhesive bling rhinestones stickers, the loose glass crystal flatback rhinestones provide the flexibility to customize density and patterns. Perfect for detailing small areas or intricate designs, these assorted flatback rhinestones bulk pack will last for several projects.

The applications of the flat backed rhinestones are only limited by your imagination. From bedazzling costumes for cosplayers, stage performers, models and skaters to adding bling to eye makeup, manicures and pedicures and bodywork painting, the craft rhinestones flatback beads will add an extra spark. This adornment will instantly spice up ballroom attire, ice-skating dresses, boots or sneakers. For DIY crafts, these dazzling gems for crafting will enhance car license plates, wreaths, keychains, sunglasses, bags, mugs, and umbrellas. These loose rhinestones are also handy around the home to add flare to mirrors, card boxes, clocks, lamps, light fixtures, furniture, or even electronics. With high-class gleam, these flat back rhinestones add a chic touch to invitations or greeting cards, earrings, bracelets, chokers or watch bands. For event decorations such as birthdays, weddings, or anniversary parties, the flat back gems add sparkle to bottles, cups, wine glasses, or cake stands.

About this item

  • Bulk rhinestones flatback beads made of crystal glass; NOT hot fix rhinestones; Resin rhinestone gems for crafts with smooth polished surface and shiny luster; Peel, chip and scratch-resistant; Will not fade or discolor; Lead free
  • Colored nail rhinestones for nails; Face rhinestones for makeup; Body jewels for body arts; Flat backed rhinestones for crafts, scrapbooking, jewelry making, and decorating; Small rhinestones for tumblers, glasses, bottles, vases, candle holders, laptops, phones, microphones, guitars, graduation caps, hair barrettes or car ornaments
  • Flat backs rhinestones for shoes, hats, bandanas, veils, purses or facemasks; Crafts rhinestones for clothes, gowns, costumes, dresses, jeans, jackets, and stockings; Bedazzling rhinestones for wedding, party or home décor
  • Easy-to-glue-on rhinestone flatback beads; Non-self-adhesive crafting rhinestones for fabric, glass, metal, wood, stone, plastic, cardstock, or porcelain
  • Rhinestones for crafts bulk package; 1200 loose rhinestones flat back beads; SS4 1.5mm, SS6 2mm, SS9 2.5mm, SS12 3mm, SS17 4mm, and SS22 5mm: 200 glass rhinestones flatback beads for each size

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