Macrame Cord Cotton Rope Macrame Supplies 3 Ply Twisted Macrame Rope String Yarn for Plant Hanger Wall Hanging Knitting Wedding Décor by Mandala Crafts


Color: Black
Size: 3mm 109 Yards
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Is it frustrating that your craft cord frays too easily? Do you feel that some thick macrame cord is so stiff that it gives you callouses? This roll of pliable macrame yarn with an organic approach might be the answer. Made from 100% natural cotton without polyester or recycled material, the cotton cord has a nice weight and is soft to the touch and super finger friendly. Compared to hemp macrame cord, this gentle-textured colored rope can hold shape without loose strings. The ends can be feathered into a nice fray to make fringe or tassels and add a bohemian touch to projects. Without any chemical conditioning, the porous braided macrame cord with vivid true color is very easy to dye. The tightly woven cotton braiding cord is also compatible with a variety of crochet hooks and knitting tools.

For adult or child beginner or experienced crafter, the flexible-colored rope cord is ideal for no sew projects such as macrame, thread working, gardening, scrapbooking, packaging, wrapping, and general tying. It is the go-to craft rope for DIY home projects like creating a wall hanging, building a plant or picture hanger, and weaving a hammock. This soft cotton rope is also great for décor. From creating a wedding backdrop, wrapping a gift, or embellishing a light fixture, it can cover it all.

The solid natural cotton macrame cord has great tensile strength and is perfect for repairing chairs, fences, and blinds. At home, use this macrame accessories for trivets, dreamcatchers, coasters, boho-style pillows, decorative leaves, table runners, or window shades. You can wrap it around furniture, hang pictures or lanterns, tie back curtains, and clotheslines. The comfortable crafting rope is also great for DIY hobbyists making jewelry, gifts, wristlets, and bag handles. The application is so versatile that it can be used to create mask ear loops, belts, drawstrings, pet-safe toys, scratching posts, and hammocks.

About this item

  • Twisted cotton rope made from 100% natural virgin cotton material; Strong and durable cording; Colorfast and bleed free; Machine washable and dryable; Pliable and soft to touch; Biodegradable and odor-free; Suited for indoor and outdoor use
  • Macramé cotton cord for macramé DIY crafting, knitting, crocheting, thread working, gardening, scrapbooking, packaging, decorating, knotting, wrapping, tying, and jewelry making
  • Cotton macramé cord for making plant hangers, dreamcatcher, decorative leaves, wall hanging, drawstrings, wrapping bottles and furniture, building hammocks, repairing chairs and fences
  • Macramé string with 3 strands; Easy to work with, cut, and tie knots; Easy to untwist and feather for fringe and tassel making; Can be dyed
  • Colored macramé cord in bulk wholesale yardage; Twisted cotton string in single spool pack for easy dispensing; Continuous length and consistent shape

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