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Have you ever tried to use a pair of round-nosed pliers to make jump rings? Even with proper markings, the loops are still uneven and slanted. This pair of bail making pliers will make you wire work much easier. No more sup-par bails! This looper tool takes all the guess-work out of sizing and yields uniform and consistent loops every single time. No need to carry several mandrel pliers in your jewelry toolbox anymore. This 6-step bailing tool covers almost all the common sizes from 3mm to 10mm.

Made from carbon steel with plastic covered handles and spring-loaded jaws, it has great grip and is comfortable to use. The bailing cylinders are free of burrs and close down tightly in the middle without a gap. It can work on all types of wire with a versatile thickness range from 14 gauge to 24 gauge, without leaving scuffs or damaging the coating, even with dead soft sterling silver wire.

It is a necessity for wire wrapping, beading, forming, or filigreeing. For professional jewelers or hobbyists, this pair of pliers will enable you to bend, shape, and bail wire like a pro. It can easily make ear wires, jump rings, bracelet and pendant bales, s hook clasps, spirals, chain links, eye pins, or connectors and yield a more uniform and symmetrical result. The applications are so versatile that it can also make wire sculptures or bonsai trees.

About this item

  • Bail pliers made from carbon steel with coated anti-slip handles; Double-leaf springs and lap joint mechanism for a comfortable grip and prevents hand fatigue; Sturdy and durable; Multi-sized bailing mandrel free of burrs;
  • Bail making pliers for jewelry making, beading, bailing, bending, forming, shaping wires; Bail maker pliers for ear wires, jump rings, bracelet and pendant bales, s hook clasps, spirals, chain links, eye pins, connectors, wire sculptures, or bonsai trees;
  • Bail forming pliers for wires from 14 to 24 gauge; Fit dead soft, soft, and half hard wires;
  • Wire looping pliers with 6 bailing round mandrel sizes to create 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10mm loops; Loop pliers overall length: 6 inches; Two pairs of bailing wire pliers;

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