Hacky Sack Balls Bulk Set for Party Favors Soccer Juggling Mixed Footbag for Kids Adults Animals

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Are you looking for an enjoyable pastime activity to break your kids eyes from the unremitting screens? This cute hacky sack set is exactly what you need. These fairly big hacky sack balls with their beautifully stitched round design are firm, well-filled, neatly sewn, and tightly packed for reliable and continuous use. Visible from afar, this rainbow hacky sack game set is constructed with rich colors, great texture, and unique patterns for a feelgood touch and easy finding. Sutured to achieve the perfect size, feel, and proportional weight between cover and fill, this large hacky sack can reasonably endure kicks, force, and rugged uses. The inconspicuous size of these hacky sack bags enables them to be easily carried, stored, and placed atop of furniture for instant décor or play.

Unlike a tennis ball, these bulk hacky sack balls are much less destructive when thrown or missed making them ideal for all age groups, applications, and settings. From babies to grownups to those with developmental disabilities, this hacky sack pack is soft, safe, and friendly enough for improving motor skills and agility without fear of the small hacky sack ball hurting fragile or arthritic hands. These hacky sack balls for beginners and professionals are terrific as a soccer hackey sack for practicing fancy moves and footwork, exercising muscles, relieving stress, or lobbing around with a friend. The kids hacky sack can be a resourceful tool for enhancing lesson plans or toys during playtime as hacky sack juggling balls, hackey sacks knitted kick balls, or hacky sack race balls. The usage of this hacky sack footbag is so versatile, it can be used as a Christmas stocking stuffer or as an animal hacky sack for a pet.

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