Flat Waxed Thread for Leather Sewing - Leather Thread Wax String Polyester Cord for Leather Craft Stitching Bookbinding by Mandala Crafts


Color: 24 Assorted Colors
Size: 150D 0.8mm 55 X 24 Yards
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Did you go to a local store trying to find a tough leather sewing thread and come home empty handed? This heavy duty waxed polyester cord with earthy and vibrant color is the answer. Evenly dyed and light waxed, this premium quality waxed cord with outstanding tensile strength is not as sticky as regular whipping waxed linen thread but yields strong and attractive stitching without leaving wax residue on sewing surface. The malleable sewing string is able to retain shape to certain degree and the true color shades enable it to function like a charm. Used by professionals, the waxed thread for leather sewing not only lays down nicely without creating extra swell but also adds an elegant finishing touch.

From sewing leather clothing and accessories such as jackets, belts, handbags, hats, and boots to fixing upholstery such as sofa, chair, and recliners, this strong and finely woven waxed cording will get you covered. The adaptable leather stitching thread is also great to keep around house to sew holsters and sheaths, restitch softballs, wrap handles, or repair harnesses, leashes, or horse blankets. For crafty people, the leatherworking waxy string is must to have to wrap bottles, make tie dies, repair camping gear, trampolines, and sleep bags, bind scrapbook and journals, weave basket, or create dreamcatchers or sun catchers. Compatible with different jewelry making findings, this waxed sewing thread for leather is also great for beadwork and making jewelry such as friendship bracelets, leather bracelets, surfing jewelry, or mala prayers beads. The hardy waxed thread is also great for stitching up cart covers, auto top, sails, car seats, or motorcycle chaps. The usage is so versatile the it can also tie plants and repair carpets or even dog toys.

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